About Us


Fortune Business Consultancy is an experienced firm in Dubai dealing with a vast range of services that helped eased the flow of businesses or different individuals in all walks of life and companies ranging from small to medium and even multinational.


FBC has seen the great need of individuals and companies to guide them make the right decisions. Planning your future is really a tough job and the more you take on it, the more hard it seems. If you plan to live in your dream house, make your move today. FBC will find ways to make all your dreams possible and within reach.


Being a consultant needs expertise in a particular field or profession, that is why FB Consultancy only got the best team of advisers.  We are connected with a common denominator which is to serve our clients with full satisfaction and integrity. Our team is composed of experienced professionals who know the market’s daily status and operations. They have been especially hand-picked to give our clients only the best service that they can possibly get.


To fully understand our clients’ needs and requirements we must first listen and this is what our team has been passionate about. FBC has been giving advices and trainings as well as follow ups to ensure that you get what you truly deserve.


Let us help build your dreams and start your future. Fortune Business Consultancy is always ready to serve.



We see ourselves leading a change in the world of business consultancy; a change that will make a very good impact in the way businesses are forecasted. Through our passion and commitment to provide innovative solutions, we believe that we can live the difference. By living the difference and giving only what it best, we can be the leading consultancy in Dubai, UAE



Fortune Business Consultancy is striving to explore possibilities in complex states and identify potential values. As we partner with our clients towards an abundant future, we are determined to give only what is best. FBC is driven by its commitment to satisfy its clients not just in the initial phase but rather until the end.