Bank Facilities


How can I grow my business? – This is the most frequent question that we hear every day. More often than not we hear people ask about any options on where to invest their hard-earned money.

Whether you are looking for either short term or long term investment, both will certainly risk your money. Taking risks can be good and bad especially for businesses. You need to have an effective strategy and management ideas to overcome whatever may come across your business growth.

This is where FBC stands out; our teams of experts are also economists who deal with the same matters everyday in different approaches. They do extensive research in local and international markets daily to be fully equipped with the right information guide and help our clients make the right decisions.

business-consultancyOur Banking and Investment services include:

  • LC Facilities
  • Investment Consultancy


Fast and reliable service is our utmost concern; we want to ensure that each client will receive a competitive advice to help them totally grow their business. FBC does not just give advises from the initial stage of your business, we would like to see you step up on each scale, that is why are giving follow ups after the advises and facilities we give to ensure that everything is on its right perspective.