Financial Services


Your dreams will be at your reach if you invest your money wisely. When setting up your business for the first time or upgrading, you will certainly need funds to support all the activities that may come in between its operations. These financial requirements vary in each company and for each of their activities.

In a competitive market such as Dubai, reaching your goals may be a little tough that what it seemed. We all work hard to cope with everyday needs and sometimes when less expected, some things are not going our ways instead. Financial security and safety is what we all think about and FBC certainly knows where and how to achieve it.

We have a diverse kind of financial services not only limited to businesses but we have acknowledged individual needs as well. We will guide you all throughout the way in reaching your goals.

financial-services2Fortune Business Consultancy has a panel of legal advisers which holds expertise in corporate financing.

Our financial services include the following:

  • Personal Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Mortgage or Home Loans


So whether you wish to drive a brand new car or build your dream house and even start a good business, we have all you need.

FBC provides the most flexible and competitive financial options. Our transparency and credibility is what set us apart among the rest.